30 day push ups challenge printables set with stickers

Push up challenge to lift and firm your bust, sculpt your shoulders and tighten the backs of your arms. Fitness challenges work on the principle of doing a bit more each day over a set time period – usually 30 days. In this way, your body adapts gradually and is able to cope with the constantly increasing workload.

This fitness printable set includes a workout schedule, instructions for the 3 types of press-ups and exercise stickers so that you can print off sticker prompts for your planner or diary. A blackout file is also included for easy tracing if you have a cut machine, plus instructions for manual cutting.

The stickers are the correct width for the standard Erin Condren and Happy Planner boxes (see listing images for exact sizes). The PDF sticker sheet can be re-sized in the PDF print menu if you want different size stickers (although there will be loss of quality if you enlarge them). If you would be interested in different sticker sizes in PNG format, then please message me at [email protected]

Files included:
PDF challenge chart
PDF exercise instructions
PDF sticker sheets
PDF sticker instructions
PNG sticker sheets
PNG sticker blackout file

Important - this is a digital download. After purchase, you will need to save print the items yourself. No product will be shipped to you. There are 2 zip files included in the download. One contains the items listed above in A4 size and the other is letter size.

The PDF files are set up to print in high quality 300dpi. For best results, print at best quality on high quality paper. Please note that, due to differences in monitor and printer colours, there may be slight variation from the colours shown in the listing.

Because of the nature of digital products, no refunds or exchanges are offered. However, if you are disappointed with the product or it’s not what you expected, please do contact me and I will try to help. Please note that purchase does not transfer any copyright. The item is for your personal use only and any copying or redistribution constitutes breach of copyright.

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